• The Upper Back builds postural muscle strength focus on rear deltoids and rhomboids in the trunk and scapular region from a comfortable, ergonomic seat.
  • The Vertical Traction is ideal for safely building strength in the latissimus dorsi and arm muscles from an ergonomic sitting position.
  • The only stationary bike with a real gear shift that lets you experience the thrill and challenges of outdoor cycling. Infinite virtual routes to explore. Precise, valuable feedback to improve your power and efficiency. Breathtaking races to enjoy with your friends, and much more.
  • Technogym Skillbike is the revolutionary exercise bike that takes home cycling to the next level. The Skillbike is the first indoor bike with real gears for the ultimate ride. Created in collaboration with top cyclists and Technogym who use the Skillathletic Training method. With this exercise bike you will experience the thrill and challenge of ultimate outdoor rides indoors. Break into the virtual world of Zwift or the real-life tracks of Rouvy and compete against cyclists worldwide. Discover new adventures every day with Strava's limitless routes and follow your outdoor routes indoors with optional ANT+ FE-C technology.
  • Skilmill is much more than a regular treadmill. This treadmill improves strength, speed, fitness and agility in one go. And with the variable resistance, you get more results from your training. More speed than ever. Increased metabolism. Maximum activation of your glutes and hamstrings. All thanks to the Multidrive Technology with magnetic resistance in 11 levels, combined with double handles.
  • The most advanced rowing machine on the block – introducing Technogym SKILLROW. The Technogym SKILLROW is the first fully connected indoor rowing equipment that trains both cardio and power at athlete’s level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology, and performance-oriented workouts.
  • The first rowing machine with which you can improve your rowing technique, fitness and strength in one go. This is Skillrow, the most advanced rowing machine ever. Developed with athletes, the Skillrow rowing machine improves both cardio and strength with a variety of total body workouts available in the app. Skillrow gives you the most realistic rowing feeling. The Multidrive Technology allows you to select one of the modes on the rowing machine. The rowing mode is for a cardiovascular workout. And the power mode with extra resistance is for power. This mode also simulates rowing with extra load. The resistance on the Technogym rowing machine is very easy to adjust. You simply turn a button, which you can easily operate from your seat. Connect the rowing machine to your mobile and jump right into the action. Choose a challenging workout. Train with the pros and get real-time feedback on your rowing performance. The skillrow app contains everything you need to train like a true champion. With Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility, the SkillRow can be paired with the smartphone app and any third-party heart rate monitors. The companion SkillRow app offers long-term shape analysis, as well as multiplayer interactivity and virtual racing simulation. Like interactive spin classes, users can also access structured group sessions. Full speed ahead, alone or with the group. Organize challenging rowing lessons that let members race to the finish. Or combine it with other products from the Skill line and SkillX classes to create immersive experiences.
  • The SKILLRUN is the first treadmill that meets the training requirements of elite athletes and demanding runners. Thanks to the unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY you train both cardio and strength in one go. Go for a sublime training experience, improve your posture, strength, fitness and coordination, challenge yourself and achieve your goals. Skillrun is designed for performance running. Run fast. Intense climbing and descending. 30% more training space. Instant speed and incline changes. The 19-inch console on the Skillrun 5000 gives you challenging performance drills, trainer-led sessions, targeted routines, outdoor environments and much more.
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    Due to the versatile training options, this upper body strength device improves your fitness, muscle strength and endurance. Also go for a more defined look. You target different muscle groups thanks to the rotating handles and the adjustable height. Always from an ideal body position.
  • Technogym Urethane Dumbbell

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