Technogym Artis Bike Unity

With training on the Artis Bike you will experience a comfortable cycling experience. 

With guidance via the entertainment system Unity, you will always remain connected to the outside world. Experience the outdoor courses, tailored training programs or stay connected with friends via Facebook.

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Technogym Artis Bike Unity




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1 in stock

Product Description


  • 3-in-1 bike
    Whether you’re looking for the challenge or just a moderate session, the bike’s handlebars offer exceptional support for any ride. Easily switch among the new city-bike position, the standard one and an engaging racing bike set-up.
  • Outdoor cycling experience
    Artis Bike makes you feel as if riding on two wheels. Reduced distance between pedals and optimum seat to pedal alignment ensure a more realistic and biomechanically correct cycling experience.
  • Fast Track Controls
    Conveniently placed on the handlebars, the Fast Track Controls enable safe and simple adjustment of equipment settings while training. No need to interrupt the workout, no risk of adopting an incorrect posture.
  • UNITY 3.0 console
    Unity 3.0 is the new version of Technogym’s android-based display, featuring a faster processor and more features that increase ease of use and make your workout even more fun.