Technogym Artis Run

With training on the Artis Run you will experience a comfortable running experience. 

With guidance via the entertainment system Unity, you will always remain connected to the outside world. Experience the outdoor courses, tailored training programs or stay connected with friends via Facebook.

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Weight 205 kg



Technogym Artis Run




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Product Description


  • Feel The Difference
    Step on the treadmill and watch it turn on as it senses you. Always feel the perfect bounce as the surface adapts to your running style. Change settings on the fly with all controls at hand. Welcome to a superior training experience.
  • Easy Settings
    The two Fast Track Control levers are always at hand, making speed and incline changes a breeze. You can also programme them to switch rapidly among different speed levels, for instant interval training profiles.
  •  Optimal Stride
    The cushioned surface adapts automatically to your running style. Enjoy the pleasure of running on the widest surface, smooth and quite at any speed.
  • Optimal View
    Nothing is left to chance in the treadmill’s design. Not even the inclination of the cardio console, which has been determined by scientific findings to be the best for your posture and comfort.
  •  Safety & Maintenance
    Red lights on: that means the belt is still moving, better not step onto it. Green light flashing? There are still miles of workout ahead, but it’s time for a checkup.
  •  Connected Training
    Guided running routines. Faithful reproduction of your favourite outdoor tracks. Unlimited entertainment. Log in in an instant and find your experience just where you left it. Android-powered, the new 21.5” Full HD Unity console partners with your enthusiasm to take you miles further.