Technogym Element Vertical Traction

Recommended for: Specific training of the back and arm muscles, stability of the shoulder joint, improvement of muscle imbalance in the arms and trunk.

Muscle: Back muscles Biceps

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Weight 190 kg



Technogym Element Vertical Traction




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3 in stock

Product Description

With the Element Vertical Traction you train the back and arm muscles from a sitting position. The outward facing sitting position with vertical traction back support promotes correct posture and correct movement. The arc of motion is designed to provide a better range of motion for the back muscles. The plane of movement is slightly in front of the shoulders, so that the user obtains a comfortable course of movement. The two arms are independent, which ensures a balanced power development.

The seat and back of the Technogym vertical traction are shaped to support the spine and to help users maintain the correct posture during training. The fillings in the device envelop the body to provide support where needed.

The device has an optional feature: Smart Pin. It is integrated into the top part of the weight pack and allows you to select additional heavier plates that weigh half the plates in the rest of the pack. This allows you to gradually increase the load.

Thanks to the innovative functions and settings that are highly visible through the yellow coding, users notice them immediately and can make their personal settings independently.