Technogym Excite+ Bike 1000 Led

The bike’s biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of positions to improve your performance and thanks to the 25 different resistance levels, the bike excite offers a challenge to both novice and experienced athletes.

With LED screen.

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Technogym Excite+ Bike 1000 Led




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Product Description


  • 3 bikes in 1: The exclusive handlebar design enables you to ride in 3 different training positions: standard, city bike and a stimulating race position.
  • Road cycling feeling: Bike offers a more realistic cycling experience thanks to the reduced distance between pedals and the optimum seat-to-pedal alignment. You will not only feel at ease, but also enjoy a more realistic and biomechanically correct riding experience.
  • Fast Track Controls: The Fast Track Controls allow you to change the resistance level without having to remove the hands from the handlebar and interrupt your training.
  • Comfortable elbow support: Bike’s exclusive handlebar offers a soft and ergonomic elbow support that improves your comfort in the race position.
  • Apple Watch ready: Track your activities and stats with the Apple Watch by seamlessly pairing it with the UNITY console. You can also login with the mywellness app and recall all your programmes and settings at once.
  • mywellness® platform connectivity: through Key Reader Bluetooth QR code and RFID
  • Seat adjustment mechanism: Integrated into back of seat
  • Total number of programs: 18 – Quick Start, Goals (Time, Distance, Calories), CPR, Profiles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Hi-Low blocks, Hills, Cross Training, Burn out
  • Submaximal test: 3- Fitness Test, Fit Test, Borg 15
  • Heart rate interactive function from hand sensors
  • HR Monitoring: Double Hand Sensor, Telemetry
  • Handlebar with soft elbow supports
  • Fast Track Control
  • Maximal tests: 2 – Air Force PRT, Navy PRT
  • Smart pedals