Technogym Excite+ Bike 500 Led

The Technogym exercise bike Bike Excite+ 500 black gives you the feeling of sitting on a real bicycle.

The exercise bike has the Technogym 500 LED display, which is perfect for athletes who want to get started with a device right away. 

The bike’s biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of positions to improve your performance and thanks to the 25 different resistance levels, the bike excite offers a challenge to both novice and experienced athletes.

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Technogym Excite+ Bike 500 LED




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Product Description


  • 3 bikes in 1
    The exclusive handlebar design enables you to ride in 3 different training position: standard, city bike and a stimulation race position.
  • Road cycling feeling
    This bike offers a more realistic cycling experience through a shorter distance between pedals and optimum seat-to-pedal alignment. You will not only feel at ease, but you will also enjoy a more realistic and biomechanically correct riding experience.
  • Fast Track Controls
    The Fast Track Controls allow you to change the resistance level without having to remove your hands from the handlebars or interrupt your training.
  • Comfortable elbow support
    The Bike’s exclusive handlebar offers soft, ergonomic elbow support that makes the race position more comfortable.
  • Perfect seat fit
    Enjoy maximum comfort thanks to adjustments at the back of the seat that make it possible to change position while seated. The 12.5mm step guarantees the seat will fit perfectly.
  • Smart pedals
    Bike’s wider pedals provide greater stability and support. The straps can be easily adjusted by simply tightening and releasing the buckle. The 10-degree pedal incline towards the ground makes it easier to slide your feet inside the pedals from a seated position.
  • Visioweb console:
    The LCD touchscreen console features personal user accounts that keep track of all important user data such as: customized training program / challenges, favorite TV channels, WEB bookmarks, local weather, synchronization of user content. The visoioweb console also offers a variety of entertainment options such as: Analogue TV (PAL, NTSC), digital TV, analogue and digital radio, web browser, games (via Technogym App Store), audio plug, USB multimedia port, iPod docking station(only for old iphones and ipads), Android audio content available via USB (cable not provided).
  • Optional TGS key
    The TGS key makes it very easy to keep track of all your training results and activities. You simply take the key from one device to another and continue where you left off without needing to reset the device. The data is also stored in the cloud via the TechnoGym devices and you can keep track of your progress with the MyWellness app on your smartphone.