Technogym Selection Leg Curl Black

Achieve optimal hamstrings and quadriceps conditioning on a single piece of equipment.

Enable a wider range of exercises with fewer pieces of equipment.

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Weight 235 kg



Technogym Selection Leg Curl




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1 in stock

Product Description


  • Combined Functionality
    Easily switch between complementary exercises to achieve complete conditioning. Exercise position can be adjusted whilst seated. The ROM lever activation button adjusts the starting position and the selection of exercises
  • Simple visual set up
    Thanks to the innovative features and settings – made extremely visible by the yellow colour coding – even first-time users will immediately spot them and be able to set up their personal settings on their own.
  • Smart Pin
    This feature is integrated into the top of the weight stack and allows you to select an additional incremental plate that is half the weight of those in the rest of the stack. This makes it possible for you to gradually increase the load.
  • Integrated Storage
    Allows you to easily position phone, towel and water bottle during workout.