Technogym Selection Pectoral Machine Graphite

The Pectoral builds strength in the pectoral muscles in a safe, effective way, and is ideal for all types of users and sports professionals.

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Technogym Selection Pectoral Machine




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  • Balanced strength improvement
    The decline movement pattern activates most of the pectoral muscles while minimising anterior deltoid involvement. The independent movement arms result in a more balanced strength improvement and their shape allows you to find the best range of motion.
  • Great ergonomics
    The elbow pads transfer force directly to the intended muscles. External rotation of the arm is minimised in order to reduce shoulder joint stress.
  • Optimal start
    Pectoral features Easy Start System that reduces your effort when beginning and ending the exercise, especially with high workloads.
  • New Optimal Grip
    The new design and material provide a better grip for every hand so you can maximise contact and apply your maximum strength in total comfort during pushing and pulling movements.