Technogym Selection Pull Down

Technogym Selection Pulldown reproduces a downward pull for effective, safe strength training of the back and arm muscles – all from a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.

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Technogym Selection Pull Down




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  • Ergo Adjustment
    The Technogym Selection Pulldown is an ergonomic device. There are few settings that need to be adjusted for a good training position. All adjustment knobs are also easy to reach and in the same position as other Selection appliances. This gives you a comfortable starting position for exercises and full control over the movement.
  • Biomotion
    Biomotion is a Technogym concept in which individual muscles and their behavior during movement have been investigated. The results of this have been applied to the Selection equipment, so that they reproduce the natural movement of the body.
  • Physiocam
    This function provides variable resistance during the specific strength curve of the muscle group being trained. As a result, you will feel constant resistance throughout the exercise. The load caused by the physiocam is in line with the force curve. The muscles are weakest at the beginning and end of the movement and strongest in the middle. All users benefit from this feature, but especially convalescent patients.