Technogym Selection Rotary Torso Black

Get the most out of your training with the Rotary Torso.
It’s ideal for working the internal and external oblique muscles from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position.

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Technogym Selection Rotary Torso




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1 in stock

Product Description


  • Easy set up
    The ergonomic seat and innovative shoulder pad eliminate the need to adjust the seat height and start position, plus the weight stack adjustments are easily accessible from the seated position.
  • Extra stabilisation
    The back pad and kneepads work together to provide pelvic stabilisation and isolation of the oblique muscles. And the foot rest gives support, no matter what your size, without encouraging the use of the hip flexors.
    Thanks to its Strength Pilot™ advanced exercise guidance options and real time biofeedback, it provides the most effective and engaging workouts on the market. Fully connected, it automatically pushes your training data to your mywellness account so you can monitor your results over time. Available as an optional feature on all strength equipment.
  • Bottle and phone holders
    Don’t worry about where to leave your belongings: place your bottle, phone and personal objects in the dedicated holders and enjoy your training!
  • New easy-to-read placard
    In order to offer you more guidance during training, the new placard has been redesigned with enlarged graphics for better reading and positioned for better viewing.