Technogym Skillmill Console

Skilmill is much more than a regular treadmill.

This treadmill improves strength, speed, fitness and agility in one go. And with the variable resistance, you get more results from your training.

More speed than ever. Increased metabolism. Maximum activation of your glutes and hamstrings. All thanks to the Multidrive Technology with magnetic resistance in 11 levels, combined with double handles.

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Technogym Skillmill Console




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3 in stock

Product Description


  • Multidrive Technology (Patent Pending)
    Whether you want to run free with little or no resistance, or go full out for a sled pull, the Multidrive Technology allows you as a user to switch between resistances, whenever you want. This ensures that as you get fitter, you can experience the full resistance spectrum on offer from the self-powered running bed.
  • Non-Motorised Training
    With no motor driving the deck, there’s less to go wrong. the SKILLMILL is operated and controlled completely by you! You can accelerate quickly from start and seamlessly add resistance as and when you need. If you move towards the front of the deck then you will get more speed into the deck, likewisemoving back will slow you down.
  • Performance Monitoring
    With full connectivity through an intuitive console enabling data monitoring, users can track and also store their workout parameters and achievements via the cloud-based mywellness® open platform, making training on SKILLMILL™ a motivating experience keeping users in line with their goals.
    Access virtual training programs by scanning SKILLMILL’s QR code with your smartphone. Or access customized training programs by simply downloading the mywellness app to your smartphone and logging into your mywellness account.
  • Dual handlebar
    Correct positioning for high and low pushes is simple thanks to the DUAL HANDLEBAR catering for users of different heights and body sizes.
  • Durability
    Built to stand up to demanding use, SKILLMILL™ will endure and ensure excellent reliability thanks to its sturdy design, carefully selected materials and high quality components.