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    The BODY BIKE Supreme is the successor of the 'Classic', which combines top-quality functionalities with an elegant appearance. The seat tube, steerer tube and other frame parts are made with powder coated stainless steel. You hardly need any maintenance on the bike. The 22 kg flywheel runs very smoothly and silently. The ABS housing on the sides protects the interior from dust and sweat. The brake pad is equipped with synthetic Kevlar, which does not need to be oiled. The Wave bottle holder offers space for two water bottles, a heart rate watch and a membership card.
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    Bootybuilder Platinum is the perfect plate loaded hip thrust bench with minimal footprint. The Bootybuilder Platinum provides the ultimate glute workout with its patented "raised feet design" which gives a greater range of motion and constant tension for better results. The padded belt gives extra comfort so you can train hard!
  • The rowing machine Concept2 model D provides you with everything you need for high-quality training at home.  It is recognized as the reference in the indoor rowing sport by the rowers of the French team and is used as a test device by the French rowing federation. Its reliability and robustness make it the best-selling rowing machine in the world.
  • Eleiko Barbell 10kg – 40kg max load
  • The Eleiko Classic Half Rack ensures safety with its user-friendly design and built-in safety features. The safety arms are easily adjustable to be placed at different heights. So that users can find the right positioning. And the arms are attached to the rack to ensure they are always in use. The locks and safety arms are fully adjustable. And an easy-to-operate hooks, they slide smoothly over the stand and lock in place with a magnetic pin. The steel tubes of the Eleiko Classic Half Rack are covered with a stainless steel shell to protect against impact and abrasion. This minimizes the signs of wear. Integrated storage pins keep weights easily accessible. Bolt holes are hidden in the frame to minimize tripping hazards. And to offer important extra stability while maintaining the slim appearance.
  • Eleiko Hybrid Bar - 15kg
  • The Eleiko XF 80 Half Rack Hybrid provides all the essential components for strength training. For those who wish to customise their rack to meet specific fitness goals, there are a number of additional attachments that can be added on!
  • Total 12 sets range from 20kg to 40kg